This course is for students who want the most focused GMAT preparation with the convenience of an online platform. This brand-new course will prepare you for the Next Generation GMAT with 20-25 hours of targeted prep providing a unique blend of content review and test-taking skills.

  1. Personalized attention so you can focus on the areas where you need the most improvement and get individualized prep designed to eradicate weaknesses
  2. Results-driven instruction featuring a unique blend of GMAT content review and test- taking strategies
  3. Comprehensive prep for the new Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT
  4. The most realistic testing practice with our new adaptive practice tests for the Next Generation GMAT
  5. Flexible and convenient schedule for private/small group tutoring live online with GMAT  Expert
Features of Online GMAT Prep Course
20-25 hours of instruction covering all GMAT concepts

10 completely new Computer-Adaptive practice tests including:

  1. hard math and advanced grammar
  2. the new Integrated Reasoning section
  3. the ability to adapt to students scoring 700+
  4. GMAT Hard Math 700+ workshops to tackle the most challenging math
  5. Grammar and fundamental math workshops and drills

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