“Start preparing for college at grade six [age 11],” said Mae Brown, the Director of Admissions at UC San Diego. However, given the explosion of technology and business, the bigger question is what does one prepare on?

Frankly speaking highly selective universities would be glad to recruit students who have had rich and varied experiences and excelled in many of them, if not all of them. The student is expected to be actively involved in various away from class-room activities and gain/imbibe/hone important skills such as adaptability; organization skills; polite communication skills; language skills; cultural awareness skills etc. The highly selective universities recruit such ‘all-rounders’ as they value the varied perspective and expertise they carry to the universities on account of their out of classroom experiences.

Math and IQ Skills

Freshmen (Grade 9/Year 10): It's highly important to start thinking about careers, courses and colleges... as every other activity would be directly/indirectly linked to the same. Over the next 3- 4 years one has got to choose appropriate courses (subjects), plan for various standardized tests, and ensure that they involve in activities that would help them build a profile that is considered competitive for college. Well, we meet plan and review activities on a Quarterly basis to ensure the same. Click here to avail a free 30-minute introductory meeting.

Summer Schools

Sophomores (Grade 10/Year 11): This is the time to shortlist the probable area of study – Business, Engineering, Fine Arts, Law, Medicine, etc. Accordingly during this period the focus would be to help the child on choosing academic courses during the next two years. And for the ‘undecided’ the meetings would delve on focusing on activities that would keep the options open and thus not lose on time, opportunity and efforts. Based on the choices, during the Quaterly Meetings, we would also advise about summer schools, internships and other activities. Click here to avail a free 30-minute introductory meeting.


Juniors (Grade 11/Year 12): Hurry, before it’s too late! From planning for high school courses to college courses to college applications to standardized tests to profile building activities – we are literally too much to do in the remaining short span of time. While for those who started early this year revolves around adding conviction and proof to our intended area of interest, for the late starts its going to be a high speed exploration and involvement in prepping for the tests as well as building a ‘well-rounded’ profile. 


Seniors (Grade 11/Year 12): At this time, it’s all about university shortlisting, essay brainstorming and reviews, application filling and submission, interview preparation, university tours etc. Our counselors ensure that students understand the implications of ED/EA/SCEA, apply by deadline and don't commit silly mistakes in their applications. We guide the students as to how it has to be done without ourselves doing it for them. If you'd like to know how we can help the child in the final year 

We also offer online college counseling for those who live in locations where we are not present at this point. We look forward to hearing from you.