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The Pentacle of Admissions as designed by our experts at Missions Admissions is designed to help students navigate through the complex maze of College Applications step-by-step:

1. Explore Your Interests:

We help you explore your interests and thus identify college courses that would best suit one’s interests. Psychometric tests and working in a related field either as an intern or part-time help one narrow down the choices. Concurrently we also help in understanding the career trends within the field and allied areas such that one is able to realize one’s long term goals comprehensively.

2. Build Your Profile:

Once one knows what one wants to become then it’s imperative to begin building a profile that would help in and college admissions. The college admissions officers are looking beyond academic grades. One’s performance in standardized tests as well as participation in a wide range of activities and involvement in co-curricular activities, leadership abilities, sport, arts and music, and community service is all carefully evaluated. We help the students in clearly understanding activities that they must be undertaking such that the same adds distinctiveness to their profile. 

3. Strategic “C” Selection:

The importance of correctly identifying the courses, college and the country to pursue one’s higher studies can never be undermined. Identifying not more than couple of programs from over 3000 programs and thereafter shortlisting to 10 to 15 universities from over 500 highly reputed universities globally across a couple of countries from over 15 popular study abroad destinations has never been an easy task. Changing economic and political conditions, addition of new courses in tune with technological and business trends, fluctuating financial aid opportunities, and not but the least, varying student body warrants an in-depth understanding of how these macro factors can affect the micro interests of one’s career. Our admissions counselor keep a regular tab on all of the above and other factors by constantly working with the student help them in applying to those college which would be the RIGHT-FIT for them.

4. Secure Admissions:

Strategies, we all know, is an integral part of one’s success story. We help student understand what the Personal Statement (or Statement of Purpose) and Supplementary Essays are and guide them to write the most appropriate part of their high school life. We work with the student to make them understand the pros and cons of various admissions deadlines viz., ED, EA, RSCEA, RD, etc and apply to shortlisted college within the right time-frame. And when it comes down to interviews, our mock interview sessions help them communicate effectively and thus convert applications into admissions.

5. Prep for Studies Abroad

Applying for the visa and securing the same, diligently working on pre-departure essentials like, accommodation, booking of air-tickets, medical insurance, forex, etc require professional help as much as the first four steps. Our counselors will help you understand the various dimensions of each aspect and will individually guide you in making the most out of each post-admissions factors.

Our scope of Admissions Consulting Service which can be divided into three phases include

A) Pre Application Stage

  1. Identifying Countries and Universities that excel in that particular area of interest.
  2. Shortlisting universities considering one’s financial capability, academic qualification and / or other credentials.
  3. Recommending pre-requisite tests and the scores one needs to attain. 

B) Application Stage:

  1. Compiling and categorizing the list of universities as dream, reach and safe.
  2. Briefing about documents required as per our Document Checklist.
  3. Resume –guidance about framing the resume
  4. SOP/Application Essays – helping identify the apt inputs for frame one’s essays and editing them where need be
  5. Overseeing the application filling and document dispatch process.

C) Post Application: 

  1. Interview – Provide inputs and conduct mock interview.
  2. Visa – Guide about the process and the documentation involved.
  3. Pre-departure orientation – useful and handy tips towards an eventful study trip


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